Summary of pew runners

Here you will find an overview of our seat cushions.
Be inspired by the variety of products and the large selection of colours.  
You can choose between velour, flat weave and felt.

All pew cushions are made by us to fit exactly according to the dimensions of your individual pews.
Corners, curves, bevels and any recesses can also be worked out by us.
They can be laid loosely and are absolutely non-slip on pews and chairs, as well as dimensionally stable
and without wrinkles due to solid workmanship.
Easy care and cleaning are also guaranteed thanks to dirt-repellent fibre impregnation.

Velvet The seat pad to satisfy the highest standards

Flat-weave / microfibre Classic or contemporary, with a wide choice of colours

Felt The natural product

Pew runners image gallery Velvet, flat-weave/microfibre and felt