Felt With pure wool felt

For our non-slip pew cushions made from felt we use wool felt, which is easy to care for by nature.

It has an excellent insulating effect and is very environmentally friendly.
Due to the special processing and the high density
of the foam, the bench cushions are very stable and durable.

All wool felt cushions are made to fit each bench exactly and without seams.
Here, too, any recesses, corners, curves and bevels can be worked out.

Pew felt/Pewrunner feltWool felt

Non-slip pew felt / Non-slip pewrunner made of 100% wool felt.
Total thickness 6mm - 11mm or 18 mm

Colours of felt

245 blau

268 dunkelgrau

286 grau

328 hellgrau

347 gruen

471 hellrot

496 natur-braun

498 dunkelbeige

501 rot-schwarz

5136 burgund

596 beige-meliert

Technical specifications

100% wool felt
Weight: 1,500 g/m² (6mm) until 2,200 g/m² (11mm)
Density: 0.30 gr. / cm³