Our philosophy P.R. Havener - over 40 years’ experience in pew upholstery

To protect our environment and ensure that we can pass the earth on to future generations, sustainability, environmental compatibility and recycling are an important part of our corporate philosophy. We care about the impact our work and products have on our environment.

Therefore we have started to produce our own electricity for our office building by a PV system, we use energy-saving LED lamps in our production halls and we have switched to digital mail.

But what is most important to us is the implementation of this philosophy in the manufacture of our products.
Whether upholstery or carpeting, standard or custom-made - we offer a wide range of qualities with sustainable properties.
Of course, we make sure that all materials used meet our high quality standards.
In this way, HAVENER products contribute to the protection of our planet without compromising on design and quality.

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Made in Germany
... we are firmly committed to this maxim. Our firm’s headquarters in Saarland are also where we manufacture.
The fabrics are custom-manufactured for us in Germany as well and are not available from retailers.
When it comes to our suppliers, we attach great importance to a consistently high standard of quality for goods; this is the only way we can deliver consistent quality to our customers in turn. It is the reason why we can look back on working relationships dating back many years with some of our suppliers.
We assign top priority to using high-quality materials and careful workmanship, in addition to providing expert technical advice. Thanks to bespoke production, we can be flexible in responding to our customers’ requests and obtain first-class results.

Special orders
We are more than happy to cater for any special requests you may have.
As we do the manufacturing ourselves, we are able to respond to special orders from our customers on an individual basis.
This way, the upholstery will match your church not only in terms of colour. Recesses, curves or other special requests can be catered for in production. The Frauenkirche in Dresden, the Benedictine monastery in Ottobeuren and churches in Schwerin and Paris are just a few of our references. We will gladly send you our catalogue where you can find not only a list of our products and the different grades but also further examples and references.

A tradition of innovation

What started out as a one-man business has long since grown to become a prosperous company. While at the time the firm was founded, the emphasis was on non-slip, high-quality runners, today it is on new and ongoing development of energy-saving, environmentally friendly products. We constantly strive to modernise and improve our products and processes. The Thermoplush heated pew runners or the Thermowand TW20.12. are just two examples of innovative products manufactured by us.
So you not only save on heating costs but also protect the environment.

Our Team Dedicated and highly skilled.

Helene Gareis,
secretarial staff

Jens Scherer,

Gaby Gerart,

Daniel Gronerad,

Nina Gareis,

Angelika Zimmer,

Nicolo Fratalia,

Bernhard Stark,

Carmelo Fratalia,

The service we provide

Expert advice

We provide you with our samples free of charge

We come to your premises

Taking pew measurements is carried out without charge and does not commit you

We supply a detailed, non-binding quotation

Delivery and upholstery work is performed by our specialist staff carriage paid

Upon request, we can also dispose of your old pew runners

We provide you with tips on how to clean and care for our high-quality upholstery

We offer up to 20 years’ warranty on our high-quality upholstery

You will have top quality straight from the manufacturer


The high-quality upholstery is custom-made for you with the utmost care and great attention to detail.


Measuring sound absorption
“Original Silk Plush” pew upholstery

Download test report as PDF (2,4 MB)



Installation in fast motion

We were allowed to film assembly of our upholstery in fast motion in Lisdorf Catholic church.
25 minutes in 45 seconds. We have fitted 220 running metres of seat pads with our experienced two-person team.

A very special occasion as the church is near us and we have a regional connection.