Pew heaters overview

Here you will find an overview of our pew heaters.

Save energy and reduce heating costs by up to 90% with our
Thermoplush seat cushion heater 46 Volt.

Our environmentally friendly pew heating speaks for itself, because it optimally combines the comfort of the church visitors, the protection and preservation of the building fabric and the high savings in energy costs. Even detuning of the organ is prevented, as the mild heat rays prevent short-term temperature fluctuations and condensation.

As an ideal complement to this, we offer the corresponding underbench panel, which radiates cosy warmth to legs and feet and works on the same principle. It is just as gentle on the building and a guarantee for low energy costs.




Thermoplush 46 VoltThe new generation of pew heaters

Front- and under bench panels

Rechargeable Heating pad Thermoplush