Environmental pledge

Sustainable production, preservation of resources - for us and our environment

Our corporate philosophy is based on the care for sustainability, environmental compatibility and recyling, in order to ensure the protection and the responsible handover of our planet to future generations. Thus it is really important to us being aware of the effects of our work and products on environment.

The implementation of this philosophy in the manufacture of our products is both a promise and an obligation for us. That is why we primarily use sustainable materials and and resource-saving technologies when producing our upholstery
and carpets. Of course, we make sure that all materials used meet our high quality standards.
In this way, our HAVENER products contribute to the protection of our environment without
compromising on design and quality.

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ECONYL® – the high quality recycled fibre

Recycling means sustainability and environmental protection: This is because the consumption of natural resources is reduced as well as CO2-emissions are. Consequently all our velour church pew cushions and carpets are made of ECONYL®recycled yarn.

The yarn itself is made of 100% recycled materials such as  industrial waste e.g. discarded fishing nets or fabric scraps. They are collected, cleaned and processed into nylon granules and finally become the reconditioned high quality ECONYL® fibre.

Advantages of ECONYL® fibre

  • resource-saving and sustainable
  • saving of crude oil
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • low consumption of water and waste water



Salvage of old fishing nets and plastic garbage

Cleaning and shredding
of the material

Production of high quality and sustainable yarn

But this method has other advantages: Since the fibre is completely dyed through, it has excellent color stability. Even intense sunlight cannot harm the color brilliance. In addition, the hard-wearing fabrics made from solution-dyed fibres are not only particularly suitable for extreme stresses, but are also extremely resistant to cleaning agents containing chlorine or disinfectants.

The Solution Dyed Technology

Our velour fabrics are dyed using "Solution Dyed" technology, a yarn dyeing process that is particularly energy
and resource efficient.
In contrast to conventional processes, up to 60 percent less water is needed and CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.
The dye is already inserted into the fibre during production and not – as usual – adsorbed on the outside.
The dyes and the nylon granules are mixed together before being spun into yarn.
The resulting yarn is permanently intensely colored and can be woven directly
into fabric. These fibres are neither visually nor functionally different from conventional polyamide fibres.
Quite the contrary, they stand for best quality and highest demands!

Conventionally dyed fibre
The color is adsorbed by the outside

Solution-dyed fibre: dyed to the core and color-matched even over large surfaces

Two technologies for a better eco-balance

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Conserving resources   
  • Reduction of consumption of industrial and waste water
  • Low energy consumption

  • Lightfast fibres
  • Protected against UV radiation and age yellowing
  • Color-fast even in strong sunlight

  • Resistant to chlorinated cleaning agents or disinfectants
  • Easy care with effortless stain removal
  • Durable and easy to clean