We are committed to protecting our environment

Our responsibility

As we want to protect our environment and be able to pass the Earth down to future generations, sustainability, environmental compatibility and recycling are all fundamental components of our corporate philosophy.
The impacts our work and our products have on the environment are an issue which is particularly important to us.

This starts right from the generation of our own electricity for our office buildings with a solar panel system, the use of energy-saving LED lights in our production facilities and the changeover to digital correspondence.

However, the matter which lies closest to our heart is the implementation of this philosophy when it comes to manufacturing our products. From pew runners to carpets and standard items to special orders – we offer a wide range of different qualities with sustainable features.
Of course, we also ensure that all the materials employed satisfy our strict quality requirements.
In this way, the HAVENER products all contribute to saving our planet without making any compromises in terms of design or quality.

Thermoplush – our “energy-saving heating”

The Thermoplush heated pew runner saves up to 95% energy compared with standard church heating systems! As the heat is directed towards the churchgoers and it can be adjusted with great precision, the energy consumption is extremely low. That cuts costs and is great for the environment!

From fishing net to carpet yarn

All of our cut-pile and woven carpets are made with ECONYL® yarns, which are both already recycled and can also be recycled again. In other words: the yarns are not only made from waste materials but can also be reprocessed to produce new nylon products once they are no longer required.

Industrial waste materials such as worn-out fishing nets are cleaned and processed to produce nylon granulate, which is then used as the raw material for making the ECONYL® yarn.

In addition, the dyes are already introduced into the fibres during their production as opposed to being applied subsequently, as is usually the case. This saves fresh water, waste water and energy.

The combination of this yarn with a backing material made from old plastic bottles makes your church carpet a completely environmentally friendly product.


Pew runners and hassocks made from recycled materials

All of our high-quality velvet seat pads are made from ECONYL® yarns. The same is true here too:
all the offcuts from our production process are returned to the recycling process and processed into high-quality yarn.


Last but not least: the proverbial HAVENER quality

Long-lasting products make great ecological sense! That’s why the proverbial HAVENER quality is so important. After all, it’s what lets us offer 20-year warranties on many of our products. Quality that pays off for itself and for the environment!