Havener candle wax remover Reliable to dissolve even difficult and stubborn stains



Havener candle wax remover works effectively within seconds to dissolve candle wax, grease, felt tip markers, shoe polish and other sorts of persistent dirt.
A fast and easy way of removing stains with or without ironing.

Depending on the degree of soiling, one spray can of wax remover (containing 200 ml ) is sufficient to clean approximately 100 running metres of seat cushions.

The price for one spray
can is 18.10 €
( VAT and shipping costs are not included)

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Havener-Steril Disinfection for hands and surfaces

We recommend accurate disinfection of hands and surfaces in order to contain and control Covid-19 at the best. So the usage of HAVENER STERIL for disinfecting our products like pew cushions, knee cushions, surfaces etc. is highly advised by us .

The RKI ( the public health advisory body in Germany) points to the fact, that only the consequent cleaning of hands is the most powerful way to avoid the transmission of the virus on or by surfaces.

Our germicide HAVENER-STERIL is conform to the guidelines of the WHO and based on ethanol ( 70% ) as the most active ingredient. Furthermore it conforms to the special certificate of exemption for such hand sanitizers and disinfecting agents given by the Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin
(Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).

It is able to inactivate all sorts of bacteria and enveloped viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. Thus it offers a highly efficient and reliable protection for your health.

1 spray bottle of our disinfecting agent HAVENER-STERIL, containing 500 ml, is sufficient for about 100 running metres of seat cushions.
The price per spray bottle is 12,95 €.
( Prices do not include the applicable statutory VAT and delivery costs)
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Manual instructions for the disinfection of surfaces and upholstery

  1. Strictly follow the manufacturer´s instructions.
  2. First remove abrasive dirt from the surface.
  3. Wipe or spray on the surface using an adequate amount of the disinfecting agent and a
    disposable cloth or wash the used cloth at a temperature of at least 60 ° C.

Manual instructions for the disinfection of hands

  1. Take an adequate amount of disinfection agent , so that there is a little „lake“ in the palm of
    your hand ( spray it 2-3 times)
  2. Distribute it on the palm, the back of your hand and between your fingers.
  3. Don`t forget to rub it on your fingertips also.
  4. All fingers and spaces between must be treated carefully.
  5. Even the quick has to be moistened and rubbed adequately.
  6. Please distribute the disinfection agent up to your wrists and disinfect your hands for about
    30 seconds !
    Rub it on your hands as long as your skin gets dry.

Since these disinfection agents are based on alcohol as a main ingredient, you should not bring
it into any contact to your eyes.
Please supervise your children carefully!!!