Woven church carpetsmade of recycled polyamid fibre

As runner or carpet

The woven loop carpets are made out of recycled polyamide fibre and so greatly environmentally friendly.
Due to the hard-wearing surface the carpets are very dirt-repellent and thus very suitable
for the entrance area and the central corridor.
For the necessary slip resistance, we use the breathable Complex coating on all woven carpets,
which prevents the formation of moisture caused by air circulation.

Fire behaviour of the carpets: Cfl-s1 flame retardant;
tested according to DIN EN 13501-1.

Wave church carpet

100% remanufactured polyamide 6.6
total thickness app. 6mm

Colours of Wave

Wave 101 rot

Wave 202 gold beige

Wave 901 quarz grau

Technical specifications

ECO church carpet

100% recycled polyamid 6.6
total thickness app. 10mm

Colours of Eco

66125 dunkelrot

6605 beige-braun

66223 mango

Eco Rustic 210 beige

Eco Rustic 440 mahagoni

Eco Rustic 450 rot

Eco Rustic 480 mango

Eco Rustic 770 dunkelgrau

Eco Rustic 870 dunkelrot

Technical specifications

Perlon Rips LCS Church carpet

100% recycled polyamide 6.6
total thickness app. 5,7mm

Colours of Perlon Rips LCS

104 rot