Rechargeable Heating pad Thermoplush

New! Flexible, rechargeable heating pads!

Rechargeable heating pads are designed for wireless flexible use and convince with their user-friendly operation and visually appealing design. There is no need for additional control and disrupting connections.

The heating pads with infrared heat technology heat up automatically under load and radiate a healthy warmth.


The easy-care velour fabric made of environmentally friendly recycled yarn is dirt-repellent and enormously hard-wearing. We offer all rechargeable heating systems in the proven Havener quality in a wide range of colours. 


Fire behavior: These seat pads are non-flammable, tested according to DIN EN 1021 part 1 and 2. classification according to DIN 66084:2003 P-b.

Rechargeable Heating pad Thermoplush

Integrated infrared heating
14 Watt / piece
Powerbank attachment with special magnet

Colours of plain velvet

412 hellbeige

141 rot

127 rotbraun

900 messing

226 dunkelbeige

401 rot

131 mahagoni

500 kiesel

676 taubenblau

536 dunkelrot

611 hellrot

683 grau

Colours of flecked velvet

1226 dunkelbeige

1212 mango

1536 dunkelrot

1182 hellbraun

1900 messing

1686 hellgrau

1127 rotbraun

1401 rot

1676 taubenblau

1195 hellgruen

1370 hellrot

1822 dunkelgrau

Colours of crushed velvet

2226 dunkelbeige

2683 grau

2127 rotbraun

2676 taubenblau

2611 hellrot

2131 mahagoni

2536 dunkelrot

2401 rot

2182 hellbraun

2900 messing

2210 gruen

2822 dunkelgrau