Faux leather hassocks

Hassocks in superior faux leather
Overall thickness 25 mm
Especially easy-care

The knee pads made of high-quality imitation leather are hard-wearing and particularly easy to care for.
They are manufactured to fit exactly and are fixed with a special double-sided adhesive tape.
The special manufacturing process ensures that the pad retains its shape and the cover fabric remains wrinkle-free.

We give a 10-year warranty on our quality upholstery with imitation leather.

Skai hassocksuperior faux leather

Hassock with 20 mm composite foam
total thickness 25 mm

Colours of faux leather

4173 quarz

4314 hellrot

4635 blau

4358 mahagoni

4652 dunkelbraun

4653 braun

4122 messing

4119 dunkelbeige

4563 caramel

4960 kiesel

4153 hellbeige

4851 gruen

Technical specifications

Weight approx. 1010 g/m
flame-retardant finish in accordance with DIN 4102
13 shades acc. to colour chart